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Social Distancing

An unfortunate businessman who is sandwiched between two strangers in the train, tries to keep reasonable distance by continuously changing his position.


Maternal Dilemma

Each of the baby bird is hungry and wants to get food from their loving mommy but this mother swallow bird is unable to decide which one shall she feed first?


Ready to Fly

A penguin standing on glacier has a dream that it can fly one day and move to a safer place. Flapping its wings, is it giving us a warning about ‘Climate change’? 



This cute little bear sitting on a box wants to play Peekaboo with you. So, he covers his face with his paws but takes a sneak peek at you every few seconds.



There is an old Japanese saying ‘a carp on the chopping board’ that means ‘totally doomed’. This poor fish struggling at the last moments of its life is totally doomed.


The Legend of Catfish

A great catfish wriggles its body underground and the house rattles. An ancient Japanese legend has it
that earthquake comes from writhing of a giant catfish in the earth.


Climbing Piggy Bank

When you put coins in the bank one by one, the pig starts to climb up in steps, then all of a sudden it comes down from the top automatically.


Wheelchair Athlete

This athlete on a wheelchair has a winning attitude, and is not ready to give up. He keeps on rolling his wheelchair and continues to rise with all his strength.


The Last Slice of Pizza

Two friends trying to grab the last piece of pizza before another. However, it is not as easy as you think. Will any of them succeed or the battle will go on?


Warming up Before X’mas

This robot is learning to take the first steps into the new world. With moving arms and legs, he seems very confident of making his first moves.


First Steps of the Robot

This robot is learning to take the first steps into the new world. With moving arms and legs, he seems very confident of making his first moves.



Puss on the Roomba

This cat is sitting on a Roomba-like
machine and finding its prey in all the
directions. The machine continues to move and the cat gets more confused.



The Stone of Sisyphus

Sisyphus the king of Ephyra, was punished to roll an immense boulder up a hill only for it to roll down every time it neared the top, repeating this action for eternity.


Expected Delivery

This stork flapping its large wings is on its way to deliver world’s most precious gift. The bird is careful not to swing the basket and continues
to fly towards its destination.



Below the Surface

At first, it seems the swan is doing nothing with its eyes closed. However, below the surface, it is making the most graceful movements paddling its flippers.


Do Not Feed The Giraffe

When someone tried to feed the giraffe, its long neck got stuck in the bars. Giraffe is struggling to remove its neck without letting go off its food.


Marble of the Blue Turtle

This blue turtle is never tired of laying eggs in the form of beautiful marbles. It moves its neck and front legs while marble eggs keep rolling round and round.



Non Stop Toucan

This toucan bird keeps on chattering
without a break. At the same time, it is so restless that it keeps on moving its body and legs up and down, and sideways.


Dragon Ball

A Chinese dragon breathes out magic balls and they roll down on its back. The balls go up and keep rolling round. This movement is made by "gear" and "chain".


Win-Win Relationship

A Bird enjoys an easy meal as it feasts on ticks on the back of a hippo. They have a mutual relationship as the hippo opens its mouth gradually with evident satisfaction.


Catch me if you Can

A hungry woodpecker is trying to catch a little worm in the hole. But the worm with fierce expressions is not ready to give up and an endless battle continues.


Three Monkeys of Gandhiji

These three monkeys will continue to
perform their actions to remind us of
Mahatma Gandhi’s timeless principle,
‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil’.


Karakuri Wonder Train

As you rotate the handle, this one of a kind ‘Karakuri wonder train’ goes round and round, from the station, by the trees, and through the tunnel too.


What’s holding me back

I have a dream to fly high and touch the sky. But there is something that’s holding me back. Is it others or the self doubt that I have? Let me try until I can fly.

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